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Welcome to the Oklahoma State University Food Studies program!

OSU was founded as an agricultural college in 1890, and although it has evolved to include numerous other studies, its interest in farms and food remains vibrant. Today, food is a focus not only within OSU's agricultural college, but also within many other OSU divisions. Scholars in English, History, Sociology, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, and Gender Studies, to name just a few, see food as a dynamic area of interest.

However, many of these individuals are spread across campus and in specialized fields, and are thus unaware of their fellow food enthusiasts. This Food Studies program seeks to bring these individuals together. We hope to forge friendships that might not otherwise happen, to encourage multidisciplinary solutions to today's food problems, and to learn from each other.

The group is also interested forming and maintaining ties with the local food system, and thus includes Stillwater farmers and food establishments, as well as food pantries like Our Daily Bread.

This is an informal group that operates without funding. It is open to anyone and is not affiliated with any one department or college at OSU.