About Food Studies

The idea for a Food Studies group began with Bailey Norwood, a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, when he noticed two different cultures forming around research in food topics at OSU. There was the traditional agricultural approach long supported by agricultural colleges, and there was a new approach emerging from the humanities and social sciences. The two groups rarely overlapped, siloed in separate colleges. With a confidence in a multidisciplinary approach to food problems, Bailey thought there should be an organization to take the lead in bringing scholars with common interests together.

In 2016, Bailey met Anna Zeide, a historian with deep personal and professional interest in food, and together they sought to bring the two food cultures on campus together. In the spring of 2017, they threw a party at Good Little Eater. Faculty members from English to Engineering were invited, as well people from the local community. Each person introduced themselves and described their background and interest in food. Friendships were forged, research ideas were proposed, and the group decided to keep the collaborative spirit alive by hosting monthly discussions, social events, and field trips to local farms.

The group hopes to grow in the future, bringing ideas into action, and creating a space for the study of food at Oklahoma State University. We welcome all thoughts and input.