To become a Stillwater Food Studies member, please send a photo and 150-200 word bio to Anna Zeide or Bailey Norwood, along with a few words about your interest in the group. Or, if you would like to be added to our mailing list, without being listed below, please let us know that as well. 

Renee Albers-Nelson
Renee’ Albers-Nelson is currently the Milling & Baking Specialist at the Robert M. Kerr Food & Ag Products Center (FAPC), located on the OSU campus. In her position, she aids, predominantly, Oklahoma entrepreneurs in producing bakery products for retail and disseminates useful and timely information for FAPC clients. She has degrees in Microbiology, Food Science and Plant and Soil Sciences. She also completed numerous courses at the American Institute in Baking in Manhattan, KS. Renee’ is a 4th generation farmer/rancher in Union City, OK. She is proud of her agriculture background and desires to bridge the divide between agricultural and environmental policy groups. Contact

Julie Croff

Dr. Julie Croff is an Associate Professor of Health Education and Promotion and the Founding Director of the MPH program at Oklahoma State University. She is currently the Principal Investigator of FAB, an NIH-funded project that seeks to explore the interaction of behavior and physiology linked to improved health outcomes for tomorrow’s mothers. Dr. Croff has published widely in the area of alcohol and other drugs, across multiple populations, including college students, Native Americans, and gay and bisexual men. She received her PhD in Public Health, with emphasis on health behavior, from the joint program at the University of California San Diego and San Diego State University. She received her Master of Public Health with emphasis on Social and Behavioral Sciences from Boston University. Contact

Katherine Hallemeier
Katherine Hallemeier is an assistant professor in the Department of English. Her research and teaching interests include postcolonial literature and studies in cosmopolitanism and human rights. At OSU, she has co-taught an Honors seminar in which she introduces students to cultural histories of food in South Africa, as well as to studies of how economic policies shape the contemporary geography of food security in that nation. That course inspired an essay that examines questions of food security, human rights, and gender in novels by the South African writer Zakes Mda. Contact

Misty Hawkins
Misty Hawkins is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology. Her research interests include clinical trials of weight loss and helping people develop healthier relationships with food. Dr. Hawkins directs the REACH Lab at OSU, where she and her team study connections between mind and body; a large part of which is driven by nutrition. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University-Indianapolis with an emphasis on health psychology/behavioral medicine. She teaches an undergraduate honors section entitled Introduction to the Psychology of Exercise and Eating as well as a graduate course in Behavioral Medicine. Contact

Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson is currently the Business & Marketing Client Coordinator at the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (FAPC), located on the Oklahoma State University campus. As part of her job duties she assists entrepreneurs in development, regulatory compliance understanding and marketing of new products ranging from sauces, jellies, meat product as well as baked goods. She completed her B.S. degree in animal science from Oklahoma State University in 2003 with a focus on food science and in 2006 completed her master’s degree in Agricultural Economics. During the last 2 years she has an additional focus on food fraud and how companies can be proactive in the prevention of fraudulent ingredients in the food supply. Erin grew up on a small family farm in southwestern Oklahoma and is proud of her strong Agricultural heritage. Contact

Tammy Mix
Dr. Tamara (Tammy) Mix, is a sociologist and Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University with research interests in environmental justice, social movements, and race, class and gender inequality. A qualitative researcher, Dr. Mix has conducted projects involving a diverse range of stakeholders to address issues of community contamination, water access and quality, food justice and security, and resource inequality. She has extensive experience with participatory research strategies, building projects with applied components and integrating the perspectives and voices of impacted and underserved populations. Contact

Craig Nabors
I run Four Points Farm, a small farm/homestead in Stillwater, OK. My focus is on raising livestock totally on pasture. I raise meat chickens, lamb, pork and also raise hens for egg production. My vision is to someday also sell vegetables, fruits and berries. I practice rotational grazing (daily/weekly moving my animals) to keep my animals healthy, provide clean, lush forage as food, and allow the land to heal and become stronger. Contact | Website


Bailey Norwood
norwood 5848Bailey Norwood is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University, where he holds a teaching and research appointment. His courses include Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Farm to Fork (online course), and Researching Consumer Food Preferences. In addition to his undergraduate textook, he has written a book on farm animal welfare and agricultural controversies, and is currently writing a book with Tamara Mix to be called Meet the Food Radicals. Competing in rodeos in high school he developed an affinity for livestock, and worked on various cattle and hog farms in his youth. Today he enjoys gardening and is currently the largest cranberry and pineapple producer in Stillwater, OK. Contact | Website

Kathy Sandefur
Kathy Sandefur is Board Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator for Our Daily Bread Food and Resource Center. She has served as volunteer and professional staff in hunger prevention, food insecurity and shelter programs for more than thirty years. As director of a large food pantry in downtown Madison, WI, she transformed a “once in thirty days pre-sacked pantry” to an “as needed client choice pantry”. She served on the Board of Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin, the Basic Needs Team of United Way of Dane County, and the Hunger Prevention Council of Dane County. Kathy, an experienced implementation planner and team leader, focuses on establishing, developing and nurturing community support of Our Daily Bread. A native Oklahoman, she enjoys living in Stillwater with her husband and two sweet Bichons. Contact | Website for Our Daily Bread

Dave Shideler
Dave Shideler is an associate professor of Agricultural Economics and Extension Specialist for Community Development. His research primarily focuses on rural economic development, though he has spent the last 5 years leading and contributing to a USDA NIFA funded project to examine the economic development implications of local and regional food systems. Additionally, he serves as the acting director for Extension’s Small Business Development Center, which provides business assistance to small farmers and ranchers wanted to build businesses around local and regional food systems and/or agri-tourism. Contact


Lisa Slevitch
SlevitchDr. Lisa Slevitch is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Dr. Slevitch is passionate about slow food and local sourcing. She has recently been funded by Oklahoma Agriculture Experimental Station to examine the state of farm-to restaurant movement in Oklahoma. As a result of collaboration with Oklahoma farmers and restaurateurs, Dr. Slevitch was able to establish good working relationships with key stakeholders of local sourcing in Oklahoma. Dr. Slevitch also has a strong research background and is an expert in quantitative and qualitative methods.  Her major research interests are in the areas of hospitality marketing and management, particularly in the field of determinants of customer satisfaction, consumer behavior, and sustainability. Contact | Website

Deb VanOverbeke
Dr. Deb VanOverbeke is the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the George Chiga Endowed Professor in Animal Science. Deb teaches the Diversity in Food Production, Selection and Consumption and Researching Consumer Food Preferences courses, among others. Her research interests have included sensory attributes of meat products using trained and consumer taste panels as well as retail display settings.  Contact


Former Members
(retired or now at other institutions; biographical info may not be up-to-date)

Dave Lampert
Dr. David Lampert is an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Oklahoma State University. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University, an M.S. in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to his academic background, Dr. Lampert has professional experience as a consulting engineer for design of municipal wastewater treatment and reuse facilities and as a pollution control specialist. He previously worked at Argonne National Laboratory in the Chicago, IL area where he studied the interactions between energy and water resources before returning to his alma mater in January 2016. Dr. Lampert’s current research interests include integration of food, water, energy, and environmental systems to enhance their sustainability using new technologies and policies. Contact

Lawrence Richardson
Lawrence Richardson is a board-certified counselor and career consultant in the College of Arts and Sciences at OSU. He specializes in students that are interested in pursuing majors and careers related to the STEM and health industries. He has research and clinical interests related to multicultural populations, the intersections of career development and mental health, and men and masculinities. Passionate about social justice, he specifically advocates to eradicate the systemic barriers that affect Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities. New to the field of food studies, he is interested in the assimilation of Asian food into American culture. He hopes to cultivate his interests by engaging with the OSU Food Studies program and acquire more knowledge in how food contributes to individual experiences and cultural identities. Contact

Aditya Udai Singh
Aditya U. Singh is a graduate student in Hospitality Management at Oklahoma State University. He holds a M.A. in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, India and a B.S. in Economics from The University of London, UK. His research interests are in the domains of sustainability, specifically methods to reduce food waste among individuals and families. Additionally, he also conducts research in the domain of family decision making. He has presented research in conferences such as the Marketing and Public Policy conference, Society of Consumer Psychology, among others. In prior semesters, he has taught International Business to undergraduate students. In fall 2018, he initiated a food donation program from Taylor’s Dining restaurant in the Human Sciences building, to Mission of Hope, the homeless shelter in Stillwater. Contact

Mike Woods
Dr. Woods is Professor and Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has developed and delivered programs concerned with economic development options for rural communities since 1981. Training and technical assistance programs were provided to about 40 communities per year. Dr. Woods also offered training on “strategic planning for economic development” through the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. He has published 27 journal articles, 28 Experiment Station publications, 40 Extension publications, and four textbook chapters. Dr. Woods has served on numerous state, regional, and local boards addressing community economic development issues in Oklahoma. He served as a Fellow with the Southern Rural Development Center and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern Agricultural Economics Association. He served a five-year term on the Stillwater Public School Board. Dr. Woods and his wife, Mary, have two children, Jason and Nathan. Contact | Website

Anna Zeide
zeide pubhumfellow 1Anna Zeide is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at OSU. Her specialty is the history of food, environment, and science in America. She teaches HIST 3803 Food and Culture, and HIST 2023 History of the Present: Food, Environment, and Justice. Her book Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industrywas published with the University of California Press in 2018, and won the 2019 James Beard Award for History, Reference and Scholarship. She has been involved with community organizing in food and agriculture for many years, largely in her former home of Madison, Wisconsin, and brings this knowledge and energy to Stillwater. Contact | Website